Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Cosplay Nation 2014 at Lippo Mall Puri

It seems like this blog's contents are only event-related posts LOL so sorry I couldn't manage this blog regularly ;_;
I have this weakness in which I need to fully concentrate on things I'm working on like replying messages, writing posts like this, and so on ;u;
This doesn't apply to watching anime, manga, or playing games though *cough*
Anyway, I'll reply the messages soon so bear with me ok T wT)

As mentioned in the title, this post will be about Cosplay Nation 2014!

I was honored to be invited as one of the judges and performers alongside with Zainaru Naru and Richfield!
Special thanks to Sas Kwan for inviting me :)

Since I didn't have my phone all the time, most of the photos here are from the EO and friends who have came (○^▽^○)
I hope you won't mind haha~

Zainaru Naru as Bertholdt, me as Sinon, and Richfield as Lupin Sansei XD
Photo from Ervan.rvn

Thank you for tagging me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter ~~~
If you have photo with me, you can tag me on one of my social network ^ u^)b

Anisong performance~
Ok so I'll reveal my songlist here XD
1. Ignite - Sword Art Online II
2. This Game - No Game No Life
3. Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul
4. Brave Heart - Digimon
5. Startear - Sword Art Online II

Thank you ko Niki Wonoto for lending me the keyboard!
(I know how slippery the floor was @.@ lol need to hold the pedal with my other feet I can't concentrate hahah)

I'm planning to do a piano cover later ^u^
So do stay tune on my social network yah~

With the winner~
Princess Anna, Peko Peko (changed costume already lol), and Kamen Rider!

Super mixed photo with more than 3 series LOL

With Naru because I forgot to take selfie with Richfield (sorry! > <;)
and I didn't expect to get any gifts, moreover, birthday gifts!
Thank you William Tong and Yediya for the gifts X)

My only selfie photos ;w;

My Sinon costume made specially by my best friend Benita!
She'll launch her own fashion label soon! ^ u^)b
 Make up, accessories (hairpins, badges, and Sinon's 'digivice' <- this is my fav. acc. LOL)  and wig styling are done by me ^u^

Many of you were asking about the Hecate....
I'm still thinking whether I should modify my current rifle or buy the toy one D:
But, I'll figure it out later before shoot LOL

Thank you so much for those who came and supported us!
I had a great time at Cosplay Nation~ ^u^
Hope to see you again in another events~~~ <3

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  1. Sooooo cute ^______^/

    恵美より ♥

  2. ナルのコス格好いい!!!

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