Saturday, 10 August 2013

Simple Dolly Make Up Tutorial

Hey~ :D
Today's post is requested from one of my Twitter friend ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
She asked me to do a Dolly Make Up Tutorial.
To be honest, I'm not really sure if this one is considered "Dolly" or not (lol)
But, here goes >:D

I was using this make up style for 2 days in a row (photo collage above was the 1st day look).

Here are the skincare and makeup I used for the look:
From (TOP) left to right:
1. Hadalabo Shirojyun Lotion
2. Hadalabo Shirojyun Milk
3. Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer #4
4. The Skin Food Multicare BB Cream #2
5. 3W Clinic Loose Powder #21

(BOTTOM) left to right:
6. Etude House Dr.Lash Liner #2
7. Anna Sui Eyeliner
8. The Face Shop Eyelash Glue
9. False Lashes
10. Etude House Face Corset #3 Lavender (review)
11. Etude House Face Corset #4 Light Shading (review)
12. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #02
13. Canmake Lip Concealer Moist In
14. It's Skin Dual Lips #01

And now the steps!
Sorry for the pictures quality as I'm using my phone cam to save time Q_Q

Always start off with clean face!
I also applied the Hadalabo Shirojyun Lotion and Milk before any makeups ヾ(○゚▽゚○)
It's better if you can wear contact lenses that will make your eyes look more dolly (and wear it before makeup for hygiene purpose).
I'm wearing Geo Princess Mimi in Green.

Apply concealer to cover any imperfections. Mine especially the dark circle and smile line (sad).
TIPS: Never ever rub the concealer! Pat it lightly until it blends to your skintone.
Rubbing will make it easier for wrinkles to appear.

Here's after I applied my concealer :D better better~

Next on, put a small amount of BB Cream to even out and smooth-en your skin texture.
I used Eco Brush as it's easier to blend. You can also use your clean fingertips to spread out the BB Cream (◕‿◕✿)

Puff some loose powder, focus more on your oily zone. It will help you reduce the shininess and control your sebum level.


I put on this corset powder to cover my pores and reduce my sebum.

Matte and flawless look~

This is optional, since I have chubby face and big nose (T△T)
I do some contouring on my nose and jawline.

*wish upon a star to have slimmer face and nicer nose haha*

There are some tips and tricks in applying blush depends on your face shape.
I have round face shape, so I apply it higher from near the eyes to upper cheek.

Trickiest part would be eye-lining.

For me, it's easier to apply from the outer into the inner part of the eye.
Also apply a small amount of liner on your outer lower lid.

Curl your lashes gently~


Make your eyes pop!
Apply some white / pearly / pinkish liner on the inner part and outer part of your eyes.

Don't put too much as it will make your eyes look blingy bling disco ball!

You can skip on through the lip concealer if you have light-colored lips (rejoice!)
I have a rather pigmented lips so I need to conceal it a bit (。・ω・。)

Pat pat~

Put on some lip tint on your inner bottom lips (we will make gradient lips!)
Tap tap~
Then coat it with the transparent lip gloss~

Gradient lips result~

I used the top lashes as it will look less dramatical than the Dollywink XD

So here is the final result of my simple dolly make up~

One more~

Thank you for reading!
Hope this tutorial helps you somehow~ X9


  1. nice one ci! totally love it! kawaii yet natural<3 for concealer and bb cream, do you use it for the whole face or for some spots only? thank u {}

  2. You're so cute,sis~☆
    Nice make up!

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  4. You look so cute <3333