Wednesday, 11 September 2013

AFA Cafe - Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013

Hello everyone!
AFAID13 was truly an amazing journey (●>ω<●)
Read on for more fun stories~

For those who didn't know, I was back as a part of Moe Moe Kyun ♥ Maid Cafe at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 as Momo!

(I forgot to cut my bangs ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) /sad)

This year we have 4 new meidos from Indonesia!
They are so lovely and kind <3

The famous beauty blogger and super pretty gyaru, Comi-chan

The amazing cosplayer and blogger, Yume-chan

The bijin and awesome dancer, Rena-chan

The super idol, Yuki-chan

Super pretty and moe cosplayer, Tora-chan

The cute fashion bear, Shizuka-chan

The pretty cosplayer and talented graphic designer, Yunie-chan
More awesomeness!
Mio aka Ying Tze and Ringo aka Angie joined us on Friday at the cafe <3
Did you miss them?
Super gorgeous and passionate cosplayer, Mio-chan

Super moe megane and cosplay celebrity, Ringo-chan

What makes the Cafe different this year is that we have a merged Cafe with the Butler Cafe!
Check out the handsome butlers!
They look super nice and handsome in person 

From left to right: Nao (ID), Kenta (MY), Shou (SG), Kyoichi (SG), Ren (SG), Shin (MY), Kaede (SG), Takuya (ID).

Atelier Royale Facebook Page:

Move on to the AFA experience <3

*** DAY 0 ***

Me, Comi, Tora, Yume, Shin, Nao, Ren, and Kyoichi got to attend the Press Preview at Plaza Senayan.

I didn't take any picture at the Press Preview because I was feeling super nervous :'(
Photo credits: Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe
Comi-chan, Tora-chan, Yaoming Momo, and Yume-chan hahah XD

Group photo with the Hosts, Stella Lee and Danny Choo.
From left to right (top to bottom): Stella, Comi, Tora, Momo, Yume, Danny, Ren, Nao, Shin, Kyoichi.

After we finished with the Press Preview, we went to the venue for preparation~

First time I saw the cafe I was like "OMG SO BIG" ๏_๏!!!
It was like some kind of Kuring Restaurant (Indonesians should know haha)
I was looking at my feet, want to give it a pat on the back D': lol

"3 days in a super big cafe.."

Finished the preparations yay~!
Now heading back to the hotel to get a good night sleep <3

*** DAY 1 ***

We stayed at Intercontinental Midplaza Hotel, Jakarta.
The hotel is very nice and spacey *u*

I got Comi and Yume as my roommates <3
And this is our room!

We were preparing ourselves so the room was kinda messy, don't judge ok ;w; hahaha

Nice toilet~


Tadah~ :o

First day breakfast, still shy to take a lot >///<

Camho on the bus XD

With the moe girls <3

With the handsome boys~
(their fans will kill me (゜ロ゜))

Day 1 at the cafe, my first customer asked me to serve in Japanese lololol what a starter XD
Overall, it was very fun since we have Mio and Ringo at the cafe ♥

Comi, Ringo, Shizuka, Mio, Tora, Yunie, Yume, Momo, Rena, Yuki.

*** DAY 2 ***

Not shy anymore lol, grabbing any food I like ///
The food variants were so many, I wanted to eat them all *p* jk

I switched my tie with Mio's ribbon for today~

With Comi-chan <3

With Rena-chan <3

Saturday is the most crowded day Σ(゜ロ゜;)
When they first opened the gate, you can see people running through the queue line!
We were shocked lol.
It was an endless queue - super tiring yet can't describe the fun *w*

I had many quality chats with the senpai, even got to sing Pon Pon Pon and dance Heavy Rotation, too /shy ・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・

I've also encountered many comeback-customers from last year AFAID12, they remembered me and the rest of the meidos!!
I was so happy (●>v<●)
I hope we can meet again soon (*^w^*)

Overall, day 2 is like kerja rodi (nonstop/endless working) lololol
We were very tired, but to see that our customers were happy gives me the spirit and motivation to keep up the good work!
Thank you so much, senpai! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*
*deep bow*

*** DAY 3 ***

So we are reaching the last day of AFAID13..

I feel sad and happy at the same time :'(
Sad that it means our quality time with senpai has ended, happy because it means another beginning for the next encounters :'D

Yes, I ate sushi for 4-day straight <3
my tummy approves (y)
Yume-chan said the Tamagoyaki was good so I gave it a try on the 3rd day XD

Day 3 was another fun day~
I met a lot of my friends and they really had a good time at the cafe ヾ(○゚▽゚○)

Tora-chan ♥
How can you resist a cute tiger??
camho at the rest room~

With our boss Jim 

With our Mama Lyana 

Wonderful gifts from Sir Jim & Marble Wonderland *////*

Lashes trading hshshs~

Finally found my Indo family~ XD

*** DAY 4 ***

AFAID13 has officially ended!
What happened last night, your Momo turns into a colossal titan wearing pajamas and hotel slipper ww

And turn into this in the morning LOL

Lucky can take picture with Aoki Misako-san, the famous Japanese model for Marble Wonderland <3

Also the famous Kaname-san and Reika-san!
My kokoro ////
Thank you Stella Lee for the photo XD

After we checked out from the hotel, we went out for a lunch together with all the maids and butlers <3

Honey Chicken Rice and Green Tea Freeze~
But I don't like the Green Tea Freeze much :x
I should've ordered Ice Lemon Tea instead lol

I always love this bear's fashion <3
Shizuka is so cute~

With Jasmine Da Jie, this is her last AFA, so sad :'(
But we will keep cheering for you!

TORA <3 <3 <3

This Shou, always make fun of me sia >( lol

with Mama Lyana <3


Mang Zhuge!

My AFA loots <3
Reika, Angie, and Yume coscards, Mio's Chekis <3, Marble Wonderland cosme, a drwaing gift from senpai, Mio's postcard, Angie's secret badge, Madoka keychain from Creator's Hub, Neko Plug from Geri, Lightstick from Sir XD

*** THANK YOU Anime Festival Asia!!! ***

This is my 3rd AFA experience and I feel very honored and thankful for the opportunity they gave to me!
I can meet new friends and awesome co-workers <3
Wonderful experience (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Special thanks to Sir Jim!
Thank you for the opportunity and for taking care of me!

Not to forget, to all the senpai who came to the cafe and supported us!

I've received some gifts and chekis from you, thank you! *bow* <3

See you next time <3

*** VIDEOS ***


  1. waw, my photo is in here!!!

    thank you so much, momochii......hope you still in the MMK next year!!

    Ganbatte for your double degree, too ^__^!!

  2. ca.....imut bgt xixixi. mami icha ngajakin tapi cc pas gak bisa
    seru yah acara nya ^^

  3. my Photo.... is there!! i'm so shyyyy >/////\\\\\<

    thank you for the fun chat ^^

  4. You guys all look so cute! It looks like you had so much fun too ^-^