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AFA Cafe - Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2013

I'm really sorry for the late post-event report!
Currently catching up with all the final projects and final year project thingy ヽ(;´Д`ヽ)(ノ;´Д`)ノ
So expect late replies on my Facebook, Twitter, ,and Instagram ಥ_ಥ
I will reply all of them as soon as I got free time!

So move on to the actual report~

First of all, thank you AFA, Sir Jim, and Mama Lyana for the opportunity to enjoy the great journey at AFA13 once again!!
Even though I've been troubling everyone much due to the uncertainty of my Student Visa ( sorry!! X'D )

It feels great to be back!

Now let me introduce the meidos and butlers this year~


This time is the 5th Anniversary for Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe ♥
We have our first generation meidos Miyake-chan and Rina-chan back!!
And that's not all! We also have 2 new lovely meidos Rin-chan and Rie-chan to join us ♥

Hello! My name is Momo! (Momo = Peach)
I love this year's costume (especially the nekomimi / cat ears) ♥ ♥ ♥
I also changed my hairstyle from twintails to.. semi-twintails(?) I don't know what to call this hairstyle lol!

My lao gon-- *erm* super pretty Mio-chan aka Ying Tze !
She's one of the guest cosplayer for AFA13 and she works at the cafe on Friday only ♥
Very happy to work with her again! ♥

One of the new meido, Rie-chan !
She changed her hairstyle from long to short one but she is an absolute pretty!
I always told her that she looks like Korean actress / girlband lol

Cutest bear, Shizuka-chan!
I knew her since last year's AFA SG 12 and she's so adorable! ♥
The sweetest and cutest bear on Earth haha XD

The famous Miyake-chan !
She's one of the first generation of MMK girls.
She's very friendly and she taught me Mandarin lol

Natural beauty, Rina-chan !
She's one of the first generation of MMK girls.
It's my first time working with her, Rina-chan's very sweet and friendly X3

Moe-ness overload, Tora-chan !
My cutest tiger, I miss you!! 
I always want to kidnap her home secretly *runs*

Gorgeous Yuna-chan is back!!
She always had that unresistable puppy eyes, so pretty!
Had a fun chat with her and I wish we had all the time to hangout more~

The latest addition to MMK, Rin-chan !
I like her very much, she's too cute! haha XD
Had a good time working with her ♥


Your favorite butlers in suits!
They also have their first generation AR, Yutaki, back!
 From left to right: Haru, Kaede, Hiroshi, Ren, Yutaki, Takuya, Shou, and Kyoichi.

Do you like this year's theme? :D

AFA Journey Day - 0

We arrived in Singapore on H-1 so we took a quick stroll before we head to the venue~


After we finished lunch and check-in we went to the venue to set up things~

Cafe from the outside view


hurr hurr Love Live <3

oh hi IE!

 Bikini Nozomi /// now you know who's my fav. member lol

Cuteness overload <3

 I saw the Inori Aizawa's anime preview and totally love it!
It looks promising *w*

Good job, IE!

Deflated Colossal Titan head lol

That Valvrave <3

Photo with titan Momo

Finished setting up the cafe, now it's time for dinner <3
We went to Din Tai Fung and had a good time~
Hello xiao long bao <3
(I only snapped the xiao long bao photo lol)

 Back to the hotel~
The room is so nice * u*)b

I forget my sad-dorm-life for a bit lol

 Ended the day with a photo of toilet (笑)

AFA Journey Day - 1

I only able to take few photos today as we were working XD
(From top : Tora, Shou, Kaede, Mio, Takuya, Haru, Hermes, Rin, and Shizu)

Oh it's inflated already! Hello om Colossal lol

 with my Singaporean mom, Geri (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Day 1 was a great starter! I met many familiar faces, friends, and returning customers XD
I was looking forward for the next day!

AFA Journey Day - 2


Having fun at the Shingeki no Kyojin booth, is Attack on Momo D:
Don't slash me ;A;

Rare sideview photo ///

From the top: Lyana, Zoe, Takuya, Ying Tze, Yuna, Sir Jim, Yutaki, Ren, and Kaede.

From the top: Rin, Hiroshi, Angie, Rie, Tora, and Kyoichi.

I had a good time on Day 2!
There are a lot of customers and everyone's very busy lol

I think I can't feel my feet anymore at that time but it was fun *w*
Moving on to the last day!

AFA Journey Day - 3

Junko Enoshima badge from Xsaye <3
I wanted to buy from her booth but she gave me for free instead lol so kind you <3

Small loots before the cafe open lololol
I rushed to the creator's hub and exhibitors stalls XD


This is beehoon(?)

Angie looks super happy with the HOMO T-shirt LOL
Day 3 collage: Tora, Mag & Hiroshi, Geri, Zoe & Mag, Shou, Zoe, Shizu, Haru, and Kyoichi

From the top: Ying Tze, Miyake, Shizu, Rin, Yuna, Kaede, Rie, Jasmine, and Angie
From the top: Rina, Shou, pretty Morgiana cosplayer lol, Takuya, Valerie & Zoe, Lyana, Sir Jim, Mag, Rena & Minato

AFA has officially ended today :')

Here are some sweet memories with my friends, gosshujinsama and ojousama <3

I can't be more grateful for the gifts TwT
Thank you so much! I never expected to get any gift but you showered me with too much love already ;w;
*big hugs to everyone*

A handmade chibi Momo doll from Mori Takumi gosshujinsama!
It's super cute! <3
Thank you so much!!! ;////;

Hermes went for a day trip to SG only to visit us ///
And her message made me feel so touched :'3 thank you Princess!!

Cute jelly jelly from ojousama <3

Birthday gift from Ying Tze <3
it's so 'her' - all cats! <3
Thank you lao gong! :*

Met my Instagram friends hehe <3
Thank you for the support <3

Fanart by the talented Sacredanalects <3 Thank you! I love your sketch!
Cheki from YHbeater gosshujinsama!
Cheki from Shuan Rong gosshujinsama!

Thank you for the chekis >w< 

Omiyage from Angie! <3

AFA Journey Day - 4

So sad, it's time to leave Singapore already :'(
Rena and Minato came to our hotel to play (and help us pack! thank you sweeties *hugs*)

With Rena~

Minato, the mini Echow www

This is the real Echow!

Heading out a bit before flying~

Rena why so cute?!

Rena and mini Echow XD

Forgot that AFA ends already, put the 'Momo' make up lol D:

The only thing I regret I didn't buy D':
But still, so expensive TwT

Selca before flying back to Malaysia with Ying Tze and Angie <3

Thank you for reading~
Hopefully I can update my blog regularly (impossible) lol TwT

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  1. the Morgiana cosplayer looks like Yoake Hikaru!
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