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AFA Cafe - Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2014

"AFA Cafe e yokoso~!"

Top: Ren, Rii, Nao, Yutaki, Hiroshi, Takuya, Kaede
Bottom: Comi, Yume, Momo, Mayu, Kathy, Yuu, Shizuka, Tora
Photo from Comi <3

Day - 0

Setting up the cafe today~
I think this year's cafe is bigger and more spacey compared to last year's ^ u^)/

Our full team consists of 8 meidos and 7 butlers ヾ(○゚▽゚○)
Can you name them all?

Our schedule is a bit packed so not much time to explore around >u<
But, oh look what I found!!!
My paradise booth * u*)~
Too bad I couldn't visit them and they said the merchandises were sold out during the 1st day ; w;)
So after setting up the cafe we head back to our hotel to rest (and play lol)~

Craving for sushi for dinner noms lol

Hi, I stole Hiroshi's duffy~

Day - 1

I had a nice breakfast with the crews :9 noms noms

This year we have 3 new moe meidos <3 <3 <3
Can you spot them? :3
(Left-to-right: Comi, Yuu, Yume, Momo, Kathy, Tora, Shizuka, Mayu)

My hair finally grown longer to the extent of me being able to make a twintail out of it LOL
Next time I'll think 99999999x before cutting my hair short (:3」∠)_

Hello, I'm a crew lol 

With my super pretty roommate, Yume chan (///ω///)

My lovely kitten, Kathy chan (。-`ω´-)

The bijin, Yuu chan (●>v<●)

Cutie and lively, Mayu chan! (○^▽^○)

The ninki pretty oneesan, Comi chan (*´ェ`*)
and Yume chan photobomb *stares*

My fuwafuwa bear I can't resist, Shizuka chan (/д\*))((*/Д\)

My moe tsundere tiger <3, Tora chan! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

The new handsome butler, Rii kun
He's very funny lol

My little brother The forever-young puppy face, Nao kun

Crazy times~

The handsome joker, Hirsohi kun (lol)

The always-stay-cool, Ren kun

Le famous wolfie boy, Takuya kun

The celebrity, Yutaki!

The famous vis-kei, Kaede

The first day was fun!
There were a lot of returning gosshujinsama and ojousama from last year and we had a nice chat (。・ω・。)
Unfortunately, I need to leave early that day to catch my flight to Malaysia for my Graduation Ceremony ・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・

Took a picture of your gifts on my way to the airport!
Thank you so much for the omiyage from Japan, gifts, and cute drawings >u<
I will treasure them well <3

Since I wasn't working on the 2nd day, I'll just skip it to the 3rd day ahaha XD;

Day - 3

So, I was back to Jakarta on Aug 16th night and got a present from ojousama from day 2!
Comi sent me this <3
Thank you! That's so sweet~ *A*

Day 3 with megane!
Because my face lacks some sleep already LOL

Yume chan my love <3 <3

Mayu chan sure has an awesome humor sense!
Can't stop laughing talking with her X"D

Why so baby face, Rii kun?

Cutie Kathy chan and Tora's paw photobomb /////

Thank you Jasmine for taking care of us <3
Had a lot of fun meeting with you again <3

The Curry Chicken Karage Rice from our cafe!
It's so cute and it tastes nice ^ u^)b

Sadly, I didn't manage to visit the Creators' Hub in time so I could only get some merchandises from AFA Shop and I was their last customer LOL
Look at those cuties <3 <3 <3

My Nozomi can't be this cute *droollls :L

Gifts from gosshujinsama and ojousama!
Thank you Elis (I hope I spell your name right > <) ojousama for the handmade choker, Ogura ojousama for the Nozomi fanart and noms <3, Kitty ojousama for the chocolate wafer stick :> saved me when I was craving for late night snacks ww, Adi gosshujinsama and Pekanbaru Otaku Nakama for the Madoka merchies, Willim gosshujinsama for the Charlotte's nendo, and to gosshujinsama-tachi who have given me Kirito and Silica nendoroids!
I hope I didn't miss anyone here > <
 Thank you so much! *bow*

Also, thank you for tagging me on Instagram and Twitter!
If you have a photo of us together don't forget to tag yah ^u^
Instagram: @punipun7
Twitter: @punipun7

See you in another opportunities ^^

Day 4

Last day breakfast~
Unfortunately, Yume chan, Yuu chan, and Rii kun have to go back earlier so we couldn't eat together :<

Forgive my tired face yah XD;
Lacks of sleep and the aftereffect of rushing everything LOL

My fav. outfit from Kibibe <3

Sending the Singapore team off!
Byebye :']

Tora, Shizu, Mayu, Comi, Momo, Jas, and Kathy
Photo from Comi <3

Can't resist Tora's eyes *dies*
Hope you like the LoveLive merchy!

with Hiroshi
sorry I called you **b* all the times LOL

Jas <3
Hope to see you soon!
We still have a lot to talk :>

My super bear Shizu!
Thank you for taking care of me *swoon~ <3

Hi pretty lady <3

Enjoyed myself talking to Comi (and looking at her awesome hair all the time LOL)

Byebye wolfie boy!
Good luck on your studies!

Last day still act cool = Ren :'D

with Sir Jim!
Thank you for everything Sir!
Can't be more grateful for everything you've done for us :'3
Cheers ヾ(○^▽^○)

Byebye, see you!

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