Friday, 27 June 2014

[English] Akihabara Days 2, Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Today's post is about Akihabara Days 2, a Japanese event held by Pekanbaru Otaku Nakama :3
I was invited as one of the Guests and Anisong performer (○^▽^○)

I'd like to thank Pekanbaru Otaku Nakama for having me for your awesome event!
It's an honor for me >///<
And I hope for the best for your future projects as well ^^b
Pekanbaru is a great place with nice people <3
Day 0 - June 20
Had an early flight to Pekanbaru~~
The flight took around 1.40 hours to reach the Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport.
It was my first time in Pekanbaru and everything was slightly different with Jakarta *w*
After Angie and Ying Tze arrived as well, we went to one of the mall named SKA Mall~
Took photo of one of the booth named Potato Donuts LOL
*only Potato-sama can relate*

We had quick lunch there also (sorry forgot to take picture ^^;) then head to the hotel~ yay~
The hotel is very nice and comfy *w*
Soon after, we were introduced to one of the sponsor which was Enoki Japanese Restaurant <3
(whoop can see my armor shoes lol)
Had a lot of fun chatting (and taking pictures (。・ω・。))
Delicious takoyaki <3
One of my fav. menu: Volcano :9
It's super tasty yum yum~
More sushi!

With my lovelies YingTze and Angie <3

Painted my nails already for next day's Ibuki cosplay lol

Found a big banner outside the restaurant ///
With the committees and MC ヾ(○゚▽゚○)
Thank you for showing us around <3
After that, we went back to our room and had a good rest for Day 1~
Pretty excited~~

Day 1 - June 21

Me, Angie, and Ying Tze have been going around for ~3 years and this is my first time cosplaying together with them LOL
So happy!

Today's cosplay is Ibuki Mioda from Super Danganronpa 2
She's the Super High School Level Light Music Club *trying to relate with myself hahaha*
Even though she looks a bit scary, but actually she's very cute!
Waiting for the anime to come out soon <3 <3 <3

Some of you asked me about the piercings XD;
Nope, they are all fake!
I used fake pearls and spray them with silver-colored pylox hehe XD;
I don't dare to do real piercings TwT

Had a lot of fun cosplaying as Ibuki <3

Doing the same series with moe moe Angie as Nanami Chiaki <3 <3
The battle between despair and hope lol

With my super pretty Ying Tze as Super Sonico maid ver. <3
Your Sonico can't be this cute! <3
(She always said my costumes are not selfie-friendly, always covered others' faces haha TwT sorry ah madam)

 Together <3
At the maid cafe :3
The butlers and maids were so cute and nice <3 <3 <3
We were having the Fried Ice Cream XD
Om nom nom nom~ <3

Watching the drawing competition and look at the guy drawing with 2 hands!

Anisong Piano Performance before the Cosplay Solo Competition.
Played START:DASH from LoveLive! and Innocence from Sword Art Online/Alfheim Online~

Sorry I was so nervous, I messed up some parts Q___Q
But I hope you enjoyed my performance Q____Q

Photo taken by Ying Tze

The Cosplay Solo Competition was awesome!
There were so many great cosplayers here in Pekanbaru *w*

Not only costume-wise, their acting and skit were also great <3
I'm stunned (。-`ω´-)b
Congratulation to the Solo Cosplay winners <3

Day 2 - June 22

As Lenessia-hime armor ver. from Log Horizon :3

I love her very much <3
Because of her laziness *cough* sweet character XD
But, still waiting for my Crusty-sama <3

Ying Tze as Da Qiao, embracing my not-so-selfie-friendly costume LOL
Never get bored of her awesome hand-made costumes and details <3 <3 <3

The little sister, Angie as Xiao Qiao <3
She's so cute *w* *w* *w*


Together with the lovely people <3 

Performing Connect from Puella Magi Madoka Magica and The Everlasting Guilty Crown from Guilty Crown
+ messed up the Shingeki no Kyojin - Jiyuu no Tsubasa encore TwT TwT I'm sorry~
Photo taken by Ying Tze again haha X"D

After the performance, they started the Group Cosplay Competition :>
The performers were so great, despite the short practice time, they still managed to perform wonderfully!
Thank you for the performance and congratulations to the winners; Shingeki no Kyojin team and One Piece team! ^ u^)b

With Gita the cute MC!

Thank you for being so helpful <3

With the committees!
Always fanning us at the Autograph Session LOL



We received surprise cake and gifts!
Thank you so much PON!!
Thank you for your hardwork and all the supports *bows*
m(_ _)m

Our happy faces X'D

Cool cake *w*

All the lovely gifts from PON, booths, and the visitors <3
Thank you so much!!

The super cute accessories from Tamagotchi & StepWie Hairbow Collection <3 <3

Thank you for tagging me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram <3
I will share them below <3

Taking photos with our character poster (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

My drawing for one of the committee, Abram!
One of the committee, ko Adi, was our gosshujinsama at Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe - AFA ID 2012 (●>ω<●)





Osu! beatmap of my name from Ifan owo
Thank you!

Thank you for the sweet photos and messages <3
I'll read all of them and reply as soon as possible!
Feel free to tag me <3

Day 3 - June 23

Finally going home today :')
Feel a bit sad to leave :'(
Hope we can meet again soon ^^

Last autograph session for friends before leaving </3
Need to part with my lovelies also until August </3

Last lunch before the flight with everyone ^^v
I was waiting for this scenery to come up!
I first saw this river when I was flying from Jakarta to Pekanbaru.
Lucky, I passed this river again on my way back <3
I love the nature here <3
 I keep looking at the cool-shaped river *w*
(reminds me of Amazon LOL)

This will be the end of my journey in Pekanbaru <3
I can't thank everyone enough for the amazing experience here <3 <3 <3
I hope to be back in Pekanbaru again someday :3

See you <3




  1. Lololol ! YingTze's face always a bit covered in her selfie with u ! XD