Thursday, 13 February 2014

Short Update: Where are you, author? ( ̄△ ̄)

Hello hello hello!
I realized that I keep neglecting this blog over time but I have good reasons for it /plea/

But first, Happy Valentine's Day <3

Okay~ so now I will tell you what I've been doing these few months (and for the next next months)

1. Dissertation

Maybe some of you already know that I'm on my final semester this year. I've been working on my dissertation work (or thesis) that will end on around early May.
Given that, I purposely still taking jobs and tasks LOL.
I might make a blogpost of the finished product later (if it's good enough ^^;)

2. Akihabara Days at Pekanbaru, Riau

I never expected to receive another invitation as Guest Cosplayer and this time is in Sumatera island!
What's more, I'll be there together with my lovelies Angie and Ying Tze <3

Check their Facebook Page here.

3. Cosplay Photoshoots

During my January semester break, I rushed 2 photo-shoot which are Morgiana from Magi and Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

I asked Amu to become my Alibaba for Magi shoot <3
She's super funny =)

and our photographer that day is Okutabi Photography :3

This is my fav. shot (and more to come!)

The other photoshoot is just a few days after my Magi shoot (and after the JCW event) you can tell my tired face ಥ_ಥ

Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Akemi Homura by Stitchie Mai
Kaname Madoka by Clarissa Punipun
Kyouko Sakura by Eirenee Felic
Tomoe Mami by Amu Tajima

We had a lot of photographers at that day *u*
Kamego (4 out of 5 photogs came)
and many helpers, too! Thank you! *bows*

After-shoot shoot lol
everyone looks tired already ^u^;

These are some of my fav. shots~

^ super IMBA digital imaging

Now still waiting for the other photos to come *w*

4. Cosplay Projects

I have a total of 4 costumes to finish due to June. Though the priorities are on the first 2 costumes because I'm planning to bring them to Pekanbaru :3

I'm not giving out the characters names, but can you guess? :3
These are the making of the base of L******a's helmet :>

Big big EVA foam (Busa Ati)

Pattern making~

Cut cut cut~

The result~ but I altered the front part into 2 parts so it'll be more curvy :D

So it becomes like this~
Will continue painting and attaching the feathers one I got back to Indo haha ^^;

5. Managing my Facebook Page

Some times a go, my page got bots that made it gain more likes from 4100-ish to ~7000 or ~8000
I don't know who set the bot and I received many helps from my friends to remove all the new likes.
Unfortunately, the "See new likes" window only showed, like, around 2000 people or so.
I managed to remove from 7000 likes to 5000 likes but then it keeps adding itself ;_;

(you can see my sad work here)

Now it's reducing gradually but very slow one :(
And I don't know if it's because of the bots that my page's audience is lower than ever /sad/

I tried to make use of the "Get Notifications" so everyone won't miss my posts.
Beside, Facebook is weird. If people like someone's page, it means that people want to see all the updates, right? not only few of them @_@

If you want to receive all updates of a page, just go through this steps.
I made it specially for you *cough*

6. Hello New Hair

As promised before and based on your votes on my page, I cut my hair short.
Most people gave me positive feedback, I feel relieved lol

Well, I think that wraps up mostly everything :D
Hopefully you won't get bored to visit my blog ^^;

Anyway, if you got something to ask or you just need to talk to me you can always message me at my Facebook ^^
I found some of my readers messaged me about the Sword Art Online Rainmeter and it really made my day XD

Thank you for reading a~nd...

Connect with me =


  1. Good luck, i'm here stuck with my thesis too, lol,,

  2. Wish the best for your thesis, and event at Pekanbaru of course.

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