Wednesday, 19 February 2014

[Request] Kibibe Collection Compilation

Kibibe is one of my fav. store that provides many range of Japanese and Korean clothing such as Rough Natural Charm, Scolar, and SLY.

This post is requested by someone from my :D
So sorry that I haven't been able to post the complete collections so I made you the compilations instead (hope you don't mind) :9

Some photos are from 2010 and I looked funny so let me censor out my spastic faces QwQ

Super cute skirt from Kibibe :3
It has more layers inside that make it more fuwafuwa <3

Dark blue lace cardigan
Striped dress (sortof sailor-style)

The "Blue Lagoon" shirt.
The shirt inside is actually fake and it's a one piece top :D
So it's not that hot to wear for daily activity > <

Somehow this dress reminded me of Mori girl style.
It has a cute small lace cardigan / cape and frills with nice flowery details *w*
Necklace also from Kibibe~

Long grey jacket with lace and cute pom-pom acc. <3

The striped crop tee and my fav. hot pants *_*

The vest is very unique but the downside is that it's very thick and makes you look a bit fat D:

Sailor coat, this one also a bit thick but the design is very nice * u*)b

Mini vintage bag <3
Super cute even my male friends said this one looks great!
T-shirt and Floral overall!
I rarely buy overall but this one is too pretty!
You can wear it in 2 ways: under bust or cover the bust (y)
You should know my preferences are all laces and frills lol
This one I bought long time a go and it's still in a good condition <3

Korean style one piece, looks neat and simple but it's very thick > <

Scolar T-shirt and Sailor Lace Collar <3

Unique mini skirt owo

My all-time-favorite jacket haha XD
You'll most likely to see this jacket in most of my photos.
It has cute collar and hoodie!


This is not the complete collection of my Kibibe loots > <
But if I received many requests for full collection, I will reconsider it ^^

Kibibe Store
ITC Mangga Dua lt.4 D/28
You can quote my nickname (Icha) and maybe you'll get some discounts X) 

Thank you for reading~

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