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[English] Japanese Culture Week 2014 @ Binus Square

Hello everyone!
This English ver. post was requested via my Facebook Page, so here it is :D

I was invited to an event called Japanese Culture Week by Binus Square committees.
I wasn't expecting to be invited as Guest Cosplayer and Judge > < and so, this is my first time coming to an event as Guest ////

First of all, I'd like to thank the JCW team for inviting and supporting me!
It was such a big honor for me <3
To my liaison officers, Didi and Stella, even though they're super tired, they keep supporting me and Rena (my fellow Guest Cosplayer and Judge) so that we don't find any difficulties.
To my friends who helped me, Vocapost, Cosplay Jakarta, and many more!
To all the guests and the Meet and Greet participants, thank you so much!!!

I cosplayed as Anarchy Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
Behind the anime title..
There was one time I got called into the stage for Cosplay Judges Introduction..
And when the MC asked me the character I was cosplaying and the anime name, I was so shy I decided to mention the abbreviation of the anime title since it so.. *cough* sounds wrong lol

With Stella, Didi, and Rena~

Rena cosplaying as Eri Ayase from Love Live!

Wijaya photobomb! He was one of the winner of ARCC 2013!
He's very playful lol

Photo thanks to William Li ^u^
Aside from being a Judge and Guest, I also performed my Anisong covers for you ///
(It was one of my dream came true - I always wanted to be a musician especially bringing more Japanese and Anime songs //// *cough*)

I played a medley of 6 songs:
Theme of Puella Magi
Crossing Field
Only My Railgun
Sister's Noise
Jiyuu no Tsubasa
Guren no Yumiya

Once I got back from Malaysia, I practiced everyday just for you you you *point point point* lol
But the sound was a bit noisy, so sorry for the quality :'<
I hope I can bring more Anisong covers soon //// *hint hint*

This was the situation inside the Meet and Greet XD

Gifts I received during the event from Rena, Vocapost, and the dear participants of the Meet and Greet session <3 <3 <3
I'm so touched, I really didn't expect any gifts ;////;
and you can see that most of them are custom made gifts, how did you know I like handmade items ; ^;)
I will treasure all the gifts //// thank you!

Since I can barely touch my cellphone during the event, there aren't many pictures and I'm sorry for that orz
For other event review, you can check @JCW_BSSC twitter and INIOTAKU as one the official media partner for this event.

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