Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jan 3, 2012 - Late Christmas & New Year Post

Captured by my lil sis - loving this shot <3
We went to the Trans Hotel, Bandung for Christmas last December and stayed for short 2 days. 
It was quite fun actually, minus the sick family members (including me haha).
Let's move on to the post~

The lobby was huge and well decorated for Christmas. We got there at noon and there were a lot of people checking in already!

The Chinese Dragon looked awesome! It looks like those strings are very thin, I was anxious that the head and the pearl would fall and hit someone.. ==; lol

Finished checking in, now move onward to our room at 7th floor!
Here is the first view of the room :3
Left door leads to the bathroom.

Didn't manage to capture the other side of the bathroom (sorry >_<), but it got 2 separate rooms; 1 for shower and the other 1 is for the toilet.

Spacious room <3

Sorry for the blurry pic ;_;

got TV with int'l channels also *u*

Comfy comfy sofa *A*

My Kuma Backpack X3

Accidentally got this nice shot (imho), the only reason I didn't regret bringing the 50mm fix lens TwT
Since it was very hard for me to capture long-ranged pics, so I mostly used my Note II for wide shots ;;
forgive the quality  my clumsiness ;;

View from our room.

Just right in front of Trans Studio Mall (in case you don't know, it's said to be the biggest indoor amusement park in Indonesia).

The next morning's view *w*

Outside the entrance to Trans Studio.
So packed with people > <
Originally, we were about to go to Trans Studio, but seeing the crowd... meh (●´・△・`)

Created by the Trans Company (one of Indonesia TV Channels)

The employees were wearing cute santa hats~

Camho flood =p

 The room where we stayed in got very chio lighting!
Cannot resist hahaha! XD

I can see my sister troubled with my 50mm lens T_T
I should've set the aperture to the smallest for less depth orz
Now it blurs everywhere T_T /sob

stupid candid photo which have the best focus T___T sad hahah

That's all for Xmas post :D

New Year? I spent it with my family at home, sick T_T
no special events.
When the clock striked 12, I just went "Happy New Year! Happy New Year!", then went back to sleep lol
so lame right QvQ

Well then, thank you for reading and I hope you're entertained :D


  1. Wow, you sure have a nice holiday.. :)

  2. tbh I never set foot into the one way bigger than this TSM one, which is on Makassar lol. :P
    Am I the only one who felt the mall seems to be crowded in afternoons and weekends, while it's getting quieter at night?