Sunday, 9 December 2012

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review

genki? ▽・w・▽

Today I'm going to review this famous mask from...

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Actually this is my first time trying out both Innisfree and clay-type mask( ̄¬ ̄)

I was pretty skeptical about trying new products after having that horrible allergic reaction from a pore pack T___T
but then, I saw some reviews on Innisfree in which said that they used natural ingredients for their products.
It was very tempting! *lol*
So, after I browsed some Innisfree products, my eyes set on this little Pore Clay Mask *_*
There are many many many reviews on this one and most of them said this product's very good!
Then I was like, "This is it! ( * v*)b"
(good job bloggers lol)

It comes with a transparent cap, kinda loose tho :/

The mask texture is not sticky and hard, it's very soft and creamy instead :3
It doesn't have a strong scent also (+1 !)

Pros :
- Very good acne medicine! It dries them up rather fast :D
- No strong scent
- Easy to apply
- I feel like my pores are tightened a bit after using this
- Left my skin soft and smooth

Cons :
- Not hygienic
- The size is too small
- [Additional, from various sources] Doesn't brighten up my skin tone

I give this mask :
4 / 5

Not exactly my favorite, but it does a good job in drying up acne :3
For those who have trouble with zits might want to try this :D

I bought this mask from My Lovely Sister for IDR 169.000 (around USD 17.42)

Re-purchase : I guess not :)
but I'm going to finish it first to see the long-term result :D
then I might change my mind~

Thank you for reading!


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