Friday, 7 December 2012

Windows 8 Application, 5th Toyz Mania, and Some Announcements

I just barely had time to blog (/゚Д゚)/
And if you asked why.. well, I was working on my Windows 8 Application (and it got accepted on the last minute lol lucky!)

Here is our promotional poster :3

Thanks to my partner-in-crime, Yediya, and super moe voice xyzddae (click for more of her works!) for dubbing Louie :')

Original Design & Musics - me
System - Yediya & me
Sounds - xyzddae

Don't forget to download and rate it~ :3

Now, now~!
I went to 5th Toyz Mania 2012 to meet my friends~

my fotd :D
trying out winter-style since it's December already~ > <
nice or not?
(sweater from Magia Stalla) :3

Make it twintail!

Photowork by Kamego
why my face is so round (@´_`@)sad lol

Photowork by Kamego

Photo taken by Margareth Neko
Retouch by me :3

Photo taken by P5ychoGravio
Retouch by me

My dear friend Megu as Sakura Kyoko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica <3

Neko from K
greatly cosed by Yukitora Keiji :D

cute cute Fumino Serizawa cosed by Gracia chan~

super pretty Margareth Neko nya~n <3


Back to the title, I did say "Announcements". Actually I just want to clarify that I disabled my Formspring account for now.
I was having hard times managing the social networks to be honest orz
I want to reply all the walls, comments, mentions, questions and all but the timing is very bad T_T so sorry.
I'll be more active on my facebook page here and or my twitter here.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

My newest project - AKB0048 Sonata Shinonome!
well, this pic looks more like a bald Sonata lol
haven't got my wig harharhar~

stay tuned~ <3


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