Thursday, 14 June 2012

Touch Beauty Lash Curler Review pt.1

Hey :3
gonna have a quick review here.
So, I bought an electric lash curler called Touch Beauty which was said to be able to curl you lashes perfectly and long-lasting result.
At least, that was what I expected (笑)
As you can see in the photos, it comes with a cap, which is very nice, and the size is so small you can carry it anywhere anytime :3
Ok, so all you have to prepare is an AAA battery.
Other than that, you can put on lash primer first before applying this curler.
So, I go through with my bare lashes, turned the device on, waited up until 20seconds to let it heated up.
It's true that the heat doesn't burn your skin, but I have to be careful when I was using contact lenses.
We don't want any bad things happen, do we?(笑)
Well, after I applied it again and again, I have to say that this curler didn't affect my lashes much.
But, I guess it'll work best with mascara / primer since my bare lashes are too stiff :p
I'll make another review on this (won't give up on this thing, will I)
Overall :
   + No burn
   + Easy to apply
   + Portability
   - Doesn't work well (at least in my case)
I'll give this Touch Beauty Lash Curler another chance with mascara later on, so I'll rate it later ●▽●


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