Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rough Natural Charm and Kibibe

posts on 2 days in-a-row lol!

I hope I can keep posting regularly (*¯︶¯*)

I'm going to introduce you to Rough Natural Charm for those who haven't known about this brand. (by my shallow information ofcourse :p)

so, Rough is a Japanese brand for clothing. Its designs are focused on cute stamps and patterns ♥

They have many cute clothings from shirts, pants, skirts, bags, and accessories *A*)/

But, I don't think it's kinda famous here in Indonesia :'(

I got my Rough clothings from my friend who happens to be a Japanese, Korean, and Chinese clothing importer and seller.

She has her store at ITC Mangga Dua lt.4 D/28.

Its name is Kibibe (near the elevator).

She sells many nice and high quality imported clothes ♥

Don't forget to name me if you happened to shop there, you might get discounts :9 (might)

oh yes! I also posted some of my Rough clothes from Kibibe!

and uh..

I'm using this bloggerdroid to post my blog and ended up having all pictures on the top of the post :'(

I'm sorry for the inconvenience ●︿●

Happy Reading ♥

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