Friday, 1 June 2012

I have to resume my blog!

Hey-ho  Q ▽Q)

I have to close down my blog because I don't have time to manage it ~(*+﹏+*)~

that means..

I'll resume this blog's post! (yay?)

I'm so tired from all these exams and projects on this 4th semester π_π

I even got sick easily these days..

so, for those who requested makeup tutorial on facebook and formspring, I apologize if I have to delay the post QAQ

trust me, I want to upload it as soon as possible, too.

But I have no time T_____T

I even haven't uploaded the friendsigns requested.. orz

okay, enough about the sad things :<

I was pretty hysterical yesterday cause Sea☆A was coming to Jakarta and I couldn't see them! (another sad thing lol)

for those who didn't know, Sea☆A is a girlband consists of 4 members; there are 3 Singaporean (Estelle, Valerie, and Berryl) and 1 Malaysian (Wynnie) <- I'm a fans of her TwT

they were former Maids from MMK(Moe Moe Kyun) maid cafe at AFA (Anime Festival Asia).

their songs are good imho :) but not many ppl knew them :<

well, I guess that is all for now (*¯︶¯*)

not too much, but thankyou for reading and visiting by :3

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