Wednesday, 18 April 2012

okay, I know I should post this one year ago when I was first entering my campus. But I don't know what to write and I don't want to neglect my blog (´・_・`) sooo, I think I'll tell you a little bit of what it's like to be a college student in my campus.

I went to a international university in Jakarta and it's 2 hours away from home (woOt? Σ(゚д゚lll)) worse, I don't live at boarding houses so I need to travel 4 hours a day, 5 days in a week. I won't lie, it was absolutely TIRING !!

suggestion #1 : boarding houses are preferable if you're far away from home. (believe me (。-_-。))

more about my campus, it's Binus Int'l. Located in Senayan.
In my batch, the requirements are academic test and TOEFL test. The academic test was generally the same with other universities (math and all of those IQ stuffs)
As for the TOEFL, the min. standard was 550. Pretty high I assumed?
Oh, and one thing. They have gradings on your academic test, such as rank 1 and rank 2. What make those different was the payment ofcourse. Rank 2 payment was higher than rank 1's.

suggestion #2 : better you re-regist if you got rank 2. It's better than you have to pay more (´・_・`) like seriously, the gap was quite high. And don't forget to apply for scholarship ( if you got pretty high scores on your high schools. ofcourse)

I'm not making this up, but the lecturers are pretty good. At least they always available to help you. But the score gradings are pretty high too (。-_-。) I tried to compare with some universities and the result is quite shocking. Like, it's so hard to get an A unless you've got some juicy brains (aah the way I say it make it sounds disgusting) or super mega kind lecturers.

suggestion #3 : pay attention to your lecturers. Your life, money, and happy ending are in their hands.... you won't regret it anyway.

ahh okay, what's next..
if it's about friends, I say it varies for each batches. Fortunately, I get a great batch. The friends are so friendly and nice and everything. We even study together through exam weeks, hangout together, do some crazy things.

suggestion #4 : don't be shy, try to get to know your new friends. And don't forget to be active in one or more clubs and events to get more certificates (?) ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

well, I guess that's it for now.
Will try to make more interesting topics for next post (hopefully)
♪( ´▽`)

「ぷんぷんぷぷぷぷんー ♪(´ε` ) pupupun」
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