Monday, 19 December 2016

Puni Eats Marché Christmas Special 2016, A Whole New Level of Dining Experience ❤

Hello, I'm back with foodsssss~~~~
Have you heard about Marché?
Actually this is my first time dining here and it was amazing! *u*
Let me introduce you to the place and foods~
Are you hungry ready? XD

In Jakarta, we have 2 Marché restaurants at Plaza Senayan and Grand Indonesia. This time, I have the opportunity to visit the Plaza Senayan one :3
You won't miss the restaurant since it always has a green cow statue in front of it XD

When I first entered, I was surprised because I wasn't expecting a whole different room inside of it.
I thought it would look like a normal restaurant with tables and chairs but instead, they decorated the whole 2 floors unit in Swiss market atmosphere.
I feel like I'm entering a theme park lol XD

Bread Counter

Normally, you will be given a card which you can use to order foods from each stalls. They have around 8 types of counters/stalls ranging from salad, meat, desserts, and many more!

Look at those choco glazed bread ;____; I'm so hungry

Cake counter

Each slice is very big and I don't think I can even finish one myself without sharing lol XD
(PS: it's super yummy!)

Lucky I'm not a coffee person~

Coffee and Tea counter~ 

After exploring around, it's time for the actual feasting time (muahahaha)
What makes this special is we are going to try their Christmas Special menu which will only available on Dec 24th-25th this year.
Yes, you read it right, only for 2 days!
Much limited, so wow.

Double Layer Cheesy Pizza with Pepperoni 

The name really describe the whole thing. It feels savory and fresh, I feel like eating the whole pizza but I know my stomach will cry afterwards so let's save some spaces for other foods shall we XD

(Don't worry, this is just the beginning *gulp*)

Bratkartoffel with Omelette (with Lamb Stew)

This is a very interesting dish. It comes with a lamb stew on the small saucer and potatoes cooked with German recipes inside the omelette alongside the veggies.
This would be my #2 fav from all the menu I've tried so far XD
The lamb is especially good, too <3 (maybe because I like lamb lol)
Must try!

Look out for hungry eyes!

Lamb Shank with Mashed Potato

I would say that this is my MVP food of the day <3
Absolute #1 <3
It is a huge lamb shank served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
What caught my attention is the sauce *A* I can't tell you exactly what it is but it was so good *p*
Eat it while it's still hot yeah~

Chef-sama garnishing the lamb shank with cheese (kyah!)

 Chef-sama torching the cheese on top of the lamb shank *p* how can you resist this??

 Look at how majestic this is.

Since it was Saturday, there are many people coming so we decided to move into the private room, which is another amazing experience you can get here.
They have several private room for those who want to come in large number of groups.
They can hold up to 30-40 pax. inside the largest private room (the one I'll be using~)

Holy~ macam photoshoot location XD;

And yes, actually you can do photoshoot here!
They also have pre-wedding package and I was lucky I saw one when I came XD
It was really interesting.

What's more interesting is that all of the interiors are imported from Switzerland.
You're right! All of the walls, tables, hanged clothes are all authentic *p*

Should I safely assume my fellow cosplayer friends are drooling right now? XD;

Trio majestic Christmas menu~~
The white-colored beverage is Calamansi with Sour Plum and the pink-colored one is Watermelon Lemonade <3
(more to come)


 I can't wait to eat but first let the lamb shank take a selfie with me photobombing at the back XD

and look who's coming~

Carrot Cake

I lie you not, this cake can feed me twice a day.
And some of you know I'm a cake lover.
This shows how huge the cake slice is.

Even though it's made from carrot, but you won't taste any of it. Instead, I feel like the flavor is similar to red velvet with less sugar XD
What can I say except I love it!

Berry Mousse

We were debating whether it is double or triple-layered mousse XD
I'd say it's triple!
On top of it are fruits; strawberries, grapes, kiwis.
The second layer is a mildly sweet mousse.
On the bottom layer, there are more strawberries and a hidden sponge cake!
The sponge cake was really nice <333

Although, I prefer the carrot cake to this in terms of preferences XD
Both are delicious but I enjoyed the carrot cake more <3

So, now you know all the menu, it's time for feast!!!! 

Double double double *p*


Oh oh my #2 is coming~~~~

Can you see my ninja hand taking the lamb?
Ofcourse not, I'm a food ninja *swoosh*

I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss jumbo lamb shank all for myself huehuehuehue

Jumbo size.
Puni for scale :D

Don't forget to drink after you eat lol
I'm drinking a 2 fruit mix juice~

Taking break between bites because my stomach wants to explode already lol

Testing my new LG V20 wide camera for this post XD

Oh hey it's me but distorted by the wide lens LOL 

Authentic Swiss clothing owo

Authentic cow selfie(?)
Beautiful cow nonetheless LOL

Look at the view from the 2nd flooooooor!
You can see there's a red gondola at the back in which you can eat inside XD
Interesting hmmm~ 

This is the smallest private room but it's the sweetest <3 


omo, all the fresh fish TAT me wannnn 

With Yuriko-san, thank you for introducing me to Marché <3
I'll be back for sure!
(and thank you for the cute sailormoon choker lol)

Last but not least, let me show you the view from the 2nd floor and the biggest private room at Marché Plaza Senayan *w*

Don't forget to come on Dec 24th - 25th to try this limited Christmas Special menu!!
I'll persuade my family to come, too~ haha XD

For more information (or maybe you want to ask about photoshoot) you can call to:

Marché Plaza Senayan
Unit 500CP Plaza Senayan, 5th.floor, Jl Asia -Afrika No.8
10270 Jakarta
Tel: +62 21 5790 5856

Marché Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Entertainment Distrikt 3A#03A-D,   Jln. MH. Thamrin 1,   West Mall- besides Musical fountain
10310 Jakarta
Tel: +62 21 23 58 11 26/-27

I hope you enjoyed my first "Puni Eats" post XD
I will try to do more in the future!!!
Let me know if you like it ^^