Wednesday, 10 June 2015

BIJAC no Tanjoiwai 8

It has been ages since I last time posted proper blogpost (/゚Д゚)/
I finally gathered up my energy (and time) to start blogging event backlogs :9 teehee

BIJAC no Tanjoiwai 8

BIJAC is an university Japanese community and they held annual event named BIJAC no Tanjoiwai ^u^
I'm honored to be invited as one of the guest for this event as it was made by my campus and I think it's good to feel the campus in a different point of view *cough*

Today I'm cosplaying as Asuna (SAO ver.)
Thanks to my dearie Echow for inviting me cosplay SAO <3
I was a bit rushing so still have some inaccurate parts and planning to fix them for next Asuna cosplay > <

With fellow guests: Yukitora, me, and Echow <3

I reached the venue early and got some time to walk around and take photo XD

Oh my beloved campus =))

My best friend booth!
She helps me make my costume since I can't sew > < yet LOL

Maid cafe hmmm.... /nosebleed/

My beloved Kitty- ah I mean Hana-chan <3

Kancolle booth *A*
The cuteness is over 9000!

Oh my Nagato <3

Gundam display!
So cool *A*

After walked around, the crowds are coming in so I need to go back to the guest room > <
Sinon spotted!

Meet & Greet session <3
Very cute Yuuki <3 <3 <3 ahhh

Childhood intensifies * ^*)

I can't believe someone's doing Terraformars cosplay *_____*
I was so excited when I saw this cosplayer!
I'm going to exterminate them!

My meal is so cute ahahha
and healthy, too!

I can be a big eater sometimes, so I came to visit the maid cafe (to visit my Kitty aka Hana-chan <3)

We were served by 2 meidos and I got the tsundere meido ahahah XD
It says "AHO" = "Stupid" with heart shape LOL

Hello cutie <3

With my best friend, the owner of BEDA Clo ^ u^)b

Kirito-sama /////
Echow is so handsome ahh <3

Henshin mode into normal human with Kitty and Kim <3

hank you so much BIJAC committee for everything!
Also congratulations to the winners!
The cosplayers are awesome and very creative *u* many new faces too!

I have some tagged photos XD
Thanks for sending me the photos to my page, Instagram, and Twitter ^w^

Nice Mirai T-shirt!

Jojo Pose XD

My harem meidos /////

Ying Tze's T-Shirt spotted!
My hubby is so famous LOL

I'd like to thank you for suppoting my merchandises and meet & greet session, too!
It has been a heart-warming view for me to see your endless supports ;////;

Now I'll try to to catch up with backlogs > <
Maybe 1 event post per week (?)
I have around 4 or 5-ish posts remaining aaaa~
Thank you for your patience TwT


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