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Last days in Malaysia 2014 - Bukit Bintang to Malacca

Hello everyone!
I finally got the time to update my blog ^^; this blog has been deserted for too long *sigh*

This time I'll share you my last days in Malaysia :D
As some of you might have known, I was taking a double degree program provided by my initial university to UNMC in Malaysia for 2 semesters including my Dissertation.
So the program concludes 3 years in Indonesia + 1 year in Malaysia :D
(and we can get the 'Bsc(Hons)' degree, too LOL not bad)
I've been living there since August 2013 - June 2014 (it's not even a year lol)
More about my life there in another post later on XD

After I checked out from my dorm, my family kindly visited me and took me for a short vacation to Kuala Lumpur.
We stayed near Berjaya Times Square at Imbi and since the hotel is very near to the monorail station, we didn't have much problems travelling around :D

(WARNING: hordes of photos ahead, spare your internet quota ◔_◔)

Day 1

My belly so happy every morning LOL
But that carrot is a mistake....

Today's schedule is basically just goofing around with my Malaysian and Indonesian friends for lunch and dinner lol
We went to Lot10 food court, where you can find a lot of Chinese food (do note that most of the foods here are not halal)

Meet my housemate, Chigin <3

After the lunch and saying goodbye to her (bye ;__; please come to Jakarta someday) we went to Fahrenheit88 for shopping but instead, our timing was super good - there was a meet and greet with Simone Legno, an Italian artist that created Tokidoki brand and designed those cute cartoon art for LeSportsac!
So happy *u* though I was hoping he could draw me a more elaborate design *cough* *demand much*

The panels are designed by Simone Legno

Don't forget to take picture after the half an hour queue ^^;

(the censor mosaic is requested by her lol)

Next venue is the Pavilion mall (the most lux mall I've ever visited in Malaysia lol), as I have an appointment with my friends (oho free food! Never say no to free food!), I split with my family and head to Suki-ya to meet my friends.

Confirm gained weight after all these lovely meats LOL
Special thanks to Irvinder & Albert for the treat (Happy Birthday!)

And so the feast ends day 1~
Day 2

Today we go on a Malacca Tour~
This is our first destination which is the Rumah Melayu(?).. cmiiw D:

They said there are actually owned by individual, means that someone/a family is actually living there! Antique~
They let their house be used for tourism attraction (and got commission from the government, too according to the tour guide lol)

Not many photos, sorry > <;

I don't know why, but our timing there has been pretty exceptional.
Just when we were about to leave for our next destination, there was a ritual(?) for the 'departing' Chinese people.
The army green truck was carrying some men playing traditional drum (taiko?) while the yellow van behind it was carrying the 'departing' and the other cars behind it carried the relatives.
It's pretty unique as we don't have that kind of ritual in Indonesia o.o

Our second destination, a very old church named St. Peter's Church Melaka.
As you can see, it was build in 1710 - obviously older than my grandparents... ◔_◔

And this church is still functioning!
When we arrived, there was a mass service, another great timing!

After the mass service~

This room left me with an awe..

They have a glass case with Jesus statue inside..

It looked so real, I was kinda scared haha ^^;
But we still decided to pray there for a short while.

Travelling to our third destination!

Oh look! Another church :D

This one is 135 years younger than the St. Peter's Church ^^;
But still pretty~

So many tourists!
This is the Stadthuys, not our next destination, but we will visit this later XD

Can you see the boat in the middle of the road?

The ChengHo Boat!
Looks so pretty *u*

If I'm not mistaken, this would be the Jonker Street, where there are a lot of Chinese-Malaysian assimilation cultural heritage.
They said the assimilation produces the names Baba & Nyonya :D
(Is it the same with Indonesian's Nyak & Babe? lol)

The tour guide said this one was Rumah Orang Kaya..
I mean like, literally kaya.. LOL
(kaya = rich)

It looks like a palace *-* but it's located on a small street so I wouldn't really want that lol

Our third destination was actually the 'lunch time' LOL
We are going to try the local Baba Nyonya foods.

Even the restaurant looks so... eyecatchy *-*

I have to say, these foods are pretty similar with Indonesia foods!
In terms of the presentation and the flavor.
I don't know the exact name but I would name it: Rendang, Cah Sapi, Cap Cay, and Gurame Asam Manis LOL

It was raining so we couldn't go freely :<

Oh hi, Totoro! Are you watching over this shop? Hm?

Oh it's Jonker Walk not Jonker Street LOL

The ChengHo Boat from behind~

Our fourth destination: The Stadthuys~

This man looks so absorbed in his paintings

A 'becak'! With Hello Kitty decorations XD;

This cannons remind me of Kooh from Pangya ◔_◔ hahaha

Fire in the ho~~~le!

(Actually I felt like I was so underdressed that day so I didn't take many photos of myself T.T haha)

Another perfect timing!
Today is the Dragon Boat festival! So lucky *u*
They are racing with manual rowing lol manly much

A boat museum.
Sadly we didn't have much time to go inside :<
It looks cool though, thinking if we can use it for cosplay photoshoot LOL

Upin & Ipin Restaurant spotted!

Our fifth destination~ an old fort.
Since we were so tired ^^; we decided not to climb it up.. o<-<

Our way back to the hotel..
Finally, a familiar feeling of traffic jam LOL
Day 3

Our last day breakfast~

If you followed my Facebook Page, you must've known that I said I got some bad lucks last night..
The story is like this..
My bad luck series:
First up in the morning, my thumb got a deep cut out of nowhere D:
It's not bleeding but it stings so much so I decided to put on a band aid..
Second, some of my apps on my phone are corrupted :(
My Facebook, Messenger, and other apps are gone just like that D:
Can't even re-install it because the leftover of the application is still there but I couldn't find it.
After that, my luggage.... can't be opened ;_____;
The combination lock failed to respond and I ended up having to buy new clothes and shoes (since my sandals got soaked from the Melacca Tour)

and yes, this is my freshly bought coordi lol

Unfortunately, the misfortune didn't end just like that.
There was a miss-communication with one of my friend at the airport.
We said we should meet at the gate, but we were waiting for him at the immigration check instead..
And we only left with 10 more minutes prior to the gate closing.
When we tried to contact him, he said he's already in front of the gate.
We shocked..
We asked the information counter how long does it take from here to the gate?
She asked my flight time and said... "You'd better run now..."
We ran like crazy even though the staff said it's 10 minutes walk, IT'S NOT!
We ran for like ~7 minutes already and the gate was still far ;____;
When we reached the gate, everyone was already entered the plane T.T
But luckily the staff let us in, thank God T_________T
Still, it was so tiring and my legs are still in pain until now from the sprint LOL

Bye-bye Malaysia :'D


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