Tuesday, 24 June 2014

AFA Cafe at Funan Anime Matsuri 2014, Singapore

A late post of Funan Anime Matsuri 2014!
(Special thanks to AFA & Lyana for bringing me to FAM this year :3)

Kyoichi, Rie, Shou, Hiroshi
Shizuka, Momo, Rin

Singapore touchdown!

Soon arrived at the hotel and it was sho nice ♥

On the way to the venue at Funan Digitalife Mall~
Actually very sleepy /slapped (*´ェ`*)

Henshin into Momo XD;
I used megane for Thursday and Friday to cover my tired eyes lol

Funan Digitalife Mall - Funan Anime Matsuri~

Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos during this event because I was working so we'll move on to the next day now haha ^^;
My short hair has grown but now I kinda regret cutting it o<-<
Can't style it nice nice ;w;

Some of the breads we sell <3
They're very tasty! I love the Yuzu Cheese one (●>v<●)

The view from the hotel room at early morning <3
So refreshing <3

Can see the One Piece game booth and the Vanguard Card Battle booth *u*
Always packed with people XD;

After work, we went Liang Court for dinner with some friends :3
Shared dinner with someone you know very well *cough*
Saturday and Sunday style: normal twintail X//D

With my adorable bear, Shizuka <3
Had a lot of fun meeting her again after so long (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

The self-claim  handsome class joker butler, Hiroshi~
He's so hilarious, can't stop laughing with him around!

The pretty pretty Rie!
She's very sweet and hardworking <3

With Shou,
I guess everyone knows him very well already lol

Ren and Shizu photobomb XD;

Handsome butler, Kyoichi (y)
One of my Libra comrade X'D

Takuya wasn't working on Sunday, but he dropped by with Mag, Tora, and Kaede :D

Reunited with my superb moe tiger, Tora (///ω///)
don't be so cute oh <3

With Sir Jim happy face and the MC Kai photobomb XD

My sweetest SG mom, Geri <3
This event is her last :'<
Good luck in everything you do in the future mom <3 <3 <3
Your daughter will support you always!

Here's a funassyi for you:

The real life loli, Vivien, cosplaying as Wendy from Fairy Tail <3
I want to kidnap her home <3 <3
She's too adorable <3

With my lovely madam <3
She's always taking care of me everywhere anytime lol <3

With chio Mag <3
Long time no see also *hugs*

With Lyana <3
Thank you for taking care of me during this event <3

Doing funny faces, cos we can 8D
Though, Kyoichi is doing the same pose from last year *sigh*

See how he tried to bite my nekomimi at AFA SG last year lol

Last day group shot!
Plus Angie and Valerie <3

Adopting new daughter <3
Oh my Morg <3

The event is about to end :'<

2 shoot with my lovely bear <3

On the last day, I came earlier to snap out some photos of the event (and kidnap Morgiana from one of the booth lol)

That Madoka *p*

Last dinner - Xiao Long Bao!
My fav. *w* *w* *w*

I'm sorry I wasn't able to wait until the cafe closing time on the last day because I need to catch my flight back to Indo > <
Even so, I feel thankful for the staff, fellow meidos and butler, and all the gosshujinsama and ojousama who have supported us!
Some even visited us everyday and brought us some yummy snacks!

I hope you enjoyed your time at the cafe (●>v<●)

The gifts from the lovely gosshujinsama and ojousama!
(Sorry I have to fold the pictures because I didn't bring any clear file with me T-T)
Thank you so much > <!
You're all too sweet <3

Now that I'm back in Indo, I can only hope that we will be able to meet each other again soon <3
Thank you for the sweet memories, messages, and the laughter!

See you! :3


  1. wow..i dont expect that the location is a bit small ?