Thursday, 20 September 2012

Microsoft Dreamspark Windows 8 Champs

This time the post isn't about beauty-related stuff haha~
I went to the Windows 8 Dev Training with my campus friends last weekend at Puncak :3
Basically, we were trained to become trainers for upcoming Hackathon; where 5000 developers will be gathered in one big hall for 24-hour to develop Metro UI applications for Windows 8.
(And so, my laptop is now using Windows 8~)

There were 7 of us (from BiNus Int'l) + 1 of our lecturer. We departed on Saturday morning at 6.30 and arrived there at approximately 9 o'clock.
Then started off studying~!

(all photos are from Jason's digicam, thanks bro!)
there are many my unglam pics here pls ignore haha

(from left-to-right : Regi, Eric, me, Freddy, Falin, and Jason)
Got a very nice T-shirt from Microsoft!

(left-to-right : Eric, Falin, me, Freddy, Regi, Jason)
Sleepy faces lol

The photobooth
/yes! they have photobooth yo =D lol

sorry for photobombing the schedule =))

woohoohoo, Win8 tablet from Acer W700 (cmiiw)
got to see my friends played COD on it, not very smooth but still tolerable la =)

blame the flash for the oily-looks, man!

Still think pics without flash are better, true or not? :/
less oily and scary harhar~

candid shot - code code code!

with our lecturer, Sir Aulia!
Thank you for taking care of us!

forgot to tell you about the Windows 8 itself :p
At first, I didn't want to change my OS into Win8 because the last time I ran it on VMware, I was like @#$%^& y u very slow one ma!?

but then I was convinced to change it :'<
oh my Windows 7.. orz

and here, I'll assure you..
I DO NOT regret changing into Windows 8
*clap clap clap

What I like the most about it is how fast the start-up and shutdown!
you know I've been rambling about how slow my laptop's start-up and shutdown,
they take forever to load ಠ_ಠ
and now, all I witness is 3-5secs loading and poof!
account login page!

Aside from the boot, Windows 8 is claimed to be more stable than Windows 7, which I found quite true since all programs run smoothly,
at least for now lol~

The main feature of this Windows 8 would be the Metro.
In exchange for the Start button at the leftmost bottom area, the Metro will be opened (or you can click on the Windows icon on your keyboard)

imho, the Metro itself is more applicable for tablets or phones.
The design is quite nice, but in contrary, it looks a bit stiff.
Well, talking about preferences :9

I guess that's all about it :3
Will you change your OS to Windows 8?
I guess it's worth trying :D



  1. well, windows 8 is a good os. however, the support is not yet completed

    1. I haven't encountered any problems with it beside that some drivers are not working :)
      (mine's Vaio VPCCW26FG, brightness and projector are not working)

      it's more stable compared to Windows 7 and yes, I think it's somehow incomplete(?)
      maybe some service pack or updates will help later :D

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