Monday, 10 September 2012

I've lost track of the days, what day is today?

It's almost the beginning of the new semester ┬┴┬┴┤・ω・)
feel sad thinking about those evil assignments that await us(;≧皿≦)

Anyway, I went to PIM with my friends few days ago. It has been a long time since we had a proper hang out ahaha =)) (sorry bro(s)!)

Keemu's scallop sashimi :L

Crispy Roll & Special Unagi Roll~

Mille Crepes - green tea flavor!

also got some loots from ITC yesterday :)
happy but sad (because of the prices T vT)

(left to right)
Neko lace bag <3
Denim shortpants (they're on sale gosh! only 50k hahah)
Lace shawl
Lace bracelet

(FYI, I re-opened my online shop on FB now :)
I changed the name and now we are selling cosme & skin care also!!
Visit : Magia Stalla !)

Oh almost forgot!
I've uploaded the Makeup video tutorial I've promised some of you !
I'm not familiar with video editing just yet, but I hope it'll be helpful for you girls (or boys) >///<
I will make a better vid next time! Time to study more about video~
*pika-jump onto the video world~*

Critiques, suggestions, and questions are most welcomed!
Thank you so much for watching *bow*


(Random rants)
I've been thinking of my Chibi these days..
Missed her very much ( ´T дT)