Tuesday, 4 September 2012

AFA ID 2012

Haaai guys~!

AFA ID 2012 is finally over!
I'm pretty much worn out from the event lol, but still, I can't describe the happiness and excitement !!
I was so happy to see many people came and enjoyed AFA ID 2012, I also met some of my friends and cousins there - so lovely (〃▽〃)(<- this emot looks perverted no? lol)

I feel very honored and lucky to be able to join AFA ID 2012 Crew.
Everyone was very kind and helpful !
I couldn't be more grateful for them 
thank you so SO MUCH !!!

AFA ID 2012

The day before, I was staying at a hotel near the venue with fellow lovely crews ♥

View from our room - can you guess where was I? :D

lol my stuff is scattered everywhere

These are the coscards I got from all the lovely people <3
My first coscard was from Tsukasa-sama (///ω///)
She looks prettier in real life *A*

Danny Choo's Mirai Itasha & Dollfies - gosh~ ♥

Next up~
after-event camwhore time lol~
looks very tired, please ignore hahaha

with Takuya, my Indonesian brothaa~ lol
he got that pretty nose and perfect face shape, I envy(*T▽T)

Head butler of the day, Haru !
He's a very nice and fun person!

The gentlemen, Ren and Ryo!

Kenta 哥哥 !

with Sir !
Thank you for taking care of us :'3

Glam-pretty Yuna chan ! /melts

Oouh megane Ringo chan ♥

Tora-pyon! rawr I fell in love with her lol~ so pretty

Our genki Kiyo chan~ !
genki genki paawa !!

My 'mom' Geri (///ω///) *full of love*

gorgeous Jas !
Thank you for taking care of us, too !

Sir Danny Choo !

Super pretty Mio chan (〃▽〃)


selcaa yoo hahaha~

after event! worn out !!

Moekana <3
I got Haruka! Same twintail as me !
Talking about coincidence lol~

It has been an amazing 4 days with you all, can't believe it actually is over..

Thank you so.. so much Bosses for taking care of us and the opportunity..
Thank you so much Kiyo, Mio, Yuna, Tora, and Ringo for guiding me through my first time working at the cafe! (≧ε≦○)chu♪
And last but not least, thank you so much for all goshujinsama and ojousama for the support!!!
Can't wait to meet you all again soon!
*hugs all*

with Akatsuki Tsukasa ♥

ciao~! ♥


  1. momo chan hontouni kawaii XD...you the other mmk are really pretty and know how to serve people to.. really lucky to be in AFAid >.<

    1. waa arigatou ne Jason-san~ >v<
      thank you for your support ^^

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