Thursday, 2 May 2013

Keyko's Sweet 17th Bday Bash

Last Saturday I went to Keyko's Bday Party :D
It was a cosplay-themed party, but since I couldn't come up with whom to cosplay, I gave up and do a simple lolita instead (。・ω・。)
Here are some photos~

I wore Merveilleux's Lolita Dress + Black Semi-Transparent Cardigan :3
and semi-twintail yay! (o゚▽゚)o

Meet my lovely cc Margareth (●>v<●)
She's as pretty as ever * u*)

Birthday girl, Keyko!! (Thank you for inviting me <3)
She's doing Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles(?), so pretty X3

Female cosplayers camho~ XD
From left: Vani Kawaii, Margareth, Asakura Yuki, me

one more one more~ 8D

Received some Pocky-s from Seno ^u^ thank you!

Campus friends and Keyko :D

Cosplayers altogether :D
From left: Ferikku, Adez, Margareth, Keyko, Yuki, Vani, Margaretha, me
Photo by Haryadi

Overall it was a great party!
A lot of fun as I haven't been to cosplay events and gatherings for a long time now(?) TwT

Photo credits:
myself lol


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