Thursday, 14 February 2013

February - Cheongsam Competition, CNY, and Valentine's Day

Sorry for the lack of updates T_T
I've been planning on posting previous events and reviews but I was just too lazy busy lol
and I now I'll pack those events report here, notice that this will be a long post full of pics > <;
On the way to Cheongsam Competition :3
Makeup by myself and Hairdo by mom :D

Event #1: Cheongsam Catwalk Competition at TangCity Mall, Tangerang
(Event photos by Cappunyan)

I'm wearing a Cheongsam x Hanbok crossover and Ika is wearing a Mongolian-themed Cheongsam Gown.

The stage is well-decorated *o*

Contestant #1

I was the 3rd contestant :3

4th Contestant

7th Contestant

Now I'm lost as which number is the contestant T_T

She won the 2nd place :D

My friend, Ika, won the 1st place :D

The first-20 contestants

fat face TwT

Me, Laras, and Ika

With other contestants :3

Ika told me I got the 3rd place, so happy T_T thank you TangCity Mall!
I couldn't attend the event until the end because I need to go to relative's house for CNY Celebration Night which is:

Event #2: CNY Celebration Night

It is the same day as the Cheongsam Competition, so I rushed home from 4pm and arrived at around 6pm, changed clothes, and didn't even had time to fix my hair so I just tied it up lol TwT
messy max.

Trying out different style for this year CNY :3
Dress is from Magia Stalla

with lil sis :D

I'm using my new BB Cream from Canmake (Perfect Serum BB Cream #2) and it was awesome!
Coverage was medium-high and oil control is better than my Skin Food Mushroom BB Cream *u*
Will review later and I got to stock this one up!

Event#3: CNY Day 2

Gong Hei Fat Choi!
Since we're going to go to relatives' houses, so I just wear simple lace shirt :3

Left is my CNY day 1 dress and Right is Clef de Sol shirt from Kibibe for the 2nd day

Didn't take many pics as I was kinda tired from the previous day T_T

Event #3: Valentine's Day

This is, no doubt, the worst Valentine's Day ever ;_;
I didn't get any chocolate, I didn't have time to buy chocolates, cannot give chocolates to my besties since we're far away apart, and worse, cannot even meet with Cappu TwT sad max
Anyway, I made a mini not-so Valentine photoshoot just for greetings.
These are the original shoots without Happy Valentine's Day greetings :D
Tried on BokuTomo - Yozora / K-On - Mio wig and Madoka's ribbon.
Did you recognize the props? :D

This ends my long post for today :D

Thank you for reading~
Once again, Happy late CNY and Happy late Valentine's Day everyone ^w^

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