Thursday, 2 August 2012

Singapore Jul 27 - Aug 2 2012

Sorry for the hiatus for a almost a week w
I went to Singapore to meet up with my old friends and AFA SG Press Conf :3
This is my first time flying by myself (actually 2 of us hur)
as some of you may know, I'm really scared of flight (*T▽T)
I can get totally freaked out on the plane and I can pray for 2-hour straight lol

Put that aside, our flight was surprisingly nice and comfy!
I tried Jetstar for the JKT-SIN flight ~ not bad la :3

We arrived at noon, good thing my friends haven't left the apartment, otherwise, we'll have to bring the luggage everywhere lol!

At the Art Science Museum - Harry Potter Exhibition & Andy Warhol Exhibition

fail selca, can't get my full face lol

Selca~ bad skin hurr~

this shop's interior is so friggin cute (///ω///) want

Harry Potter Exhibition entrance - sorry for the blurry pics > <;;

Bday wishes for Potter ~

oh look! that's ours lol

met Mr. Larry Haydn, professional photographer who was kind enough to take our pic in HDR !

Move on to Arab St - many cute shops *A*

The very next day - farewell to my old friends and joined AFA crew~
date with Mio lol - she's so pretty like a model /melts

before press con
candid breakfast shoot by Mio 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。so chubby

check out the presscon at

last day in Singapore - quick brunch

Singapore was so much fun (*T▽T)
I miss the people already (´∩`。)

For Indonesian!
Join AFA ID at JIEXPO 1 & 2 Sept 2012

For Singaporean!
AFA SG will be held on 9-11 Nov 2012 at Singapore Expo Halls 7 & 8 :3

I hope I can do more piano covers, makeup tutorials, and cosplay shoots this month!
Madoka is on progress :3 wish all the best for this project yay

Thank you for reading!!