Friday, 24 August 2012

Lioele A.C. Control Trouble Patch Review

Sorry for procrastinating the product review posts(*T▽T)
been lazy busy these days lol

Well then, maybe some of you've known that I got an allergic reaction from Biore Pore Pack last month ಥ_ಥ
It caused breakouts on my nose!
argh so sad ;; It was so severe that I put all my A.C. medicine on my nose orz

Then this product came to the rescue!

Lioele A.C. Control Trouble Patch

It is literally a patch!
semi-transparent patches with Salicylic Acid (known for A.C. treatment)
I've read some reviews on the internet before buying and found out that 4 out of 5 said this thing works!

1 box contains 5 sachets
each sachets got 12 patches :3
quite few for A.C. treatment, yes :<
so I usually cut it into half (cheap bastard? lol)

You can see that the patches aren't very obvious and it covers your acne well /love~

This is my personal experiences
with patch on, you can barely see the acne, no?
basically, the patch accelerates the drying of the acnes, as you can see, after the 1st usage it was already dried up :D
and after the 2nd usage, only the redness left, no more bump :o nice~

(I also found out that the patch can reduce the redness)

How to Apply :
Make sure your face is clean without any lotion (lotion / cream can make the patch detached)
Take the patch and put it on your pimples
Let it stick for 8-12 hours (yes this is important, I think the longer you wear this, the better the result)
Take off the patches and wash your face with facial foam & water :3
voila! done~

Pros :
- Does work for me! (I'm on my 2nd box now)
- Quick effect

Cons :
- The quantity is too few :<

Rating :
4.5 / 5

Price :
IDR 65,000
(my 1st box was 60k tho :< the price was raised)

So, are you interested in getting one of these? (•̪ . •̪)


  1. icaaa ntu beli dimana kayae asik :D

    1. di Lioele say, ada di PIM 1 depan Sizzler sama di CL :D

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